Service Opportunities

The National Service Board are supported by a great team of volunteers – maybe you’d like to get involved?

We are particularly keen to fill these vacant roles:

  • Events Email responder
  • Website – updating Events page
  • Website – updating Audio Shares page

Click the headings below to see descriptions of the various roles, and if you would like to help, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

There are some qualifications for taking on these roles, please click here to find out more.

Email responders

Email responders answer the emails sent to and the messages sent through the Contact Form on our website. Typical enquiries include how to find a meeting, more information about OA or help with doing service at group or Intergroup level. They have a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions which have been developed by previous volunteers, and someone to contact when unsure how to handle a query.

Events Email responder

The Events Email responder receives the emails sent to and forwards flyers and information about upcoming events to the Website and Email List volunteers. The role also involves answering enquiries about OA events from groups and individual members.

Email List volunteers

Email list volunteers use a website called MailChimp to create and send out regular updates to OA members.

The text and attachments are provided to volunteers, which they then enter into the email templates and add the images and links. Previous experience of MailChimp is not necessary for this role, but it does require general competence with using computers.

Newsletter Co ordinator

The Co ordinator works with the Copy Editors and Designer to bring the newsletter to life – they are the main contact point for enquiries and help keep everyone on track to meet publication dates.

Writer/Interviewer (no qualifications needed for this role)

Help produce articles for the OA newsletter by writing about your own OA experiences, or interviewing other OA members about their recovery.

Copy Editor (no qualifications for this role)

Copy Editors check the spelling and grammar of the stories submitted, and make sure they are clear and easy to read. They also help check that the stories are in line with the Traditions.

Designer (no qualifications for this role)

The Designer works on the layout and graphics for the newsletter, after receiving the edited stories. They produce a draft version which is proof-read again before the final version is created.

Telephone helpline volunteers

The helpline number on the OAGB website comes through to a dedicated mobile phone. Volunteers answer the calls where possible, or call people back if they leave a message. They have the answers to a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and someone to contact if they aren’t sure how to handle a query.

This service is done on a rota basis for three months at a time. It can be done by individual volunteers, or by groups/Intergroups who share the service among their members.

Website volunteers

Website volunteers help keep our site up to date by adding flyers to the Upcoming Events section, or uploading meeting minutes and newsletters. They also help with reviewing and updating the site, and with creating new content.

Our website runs on WordPress, so experience of using this would be very useful. However, if you don't have experience but have good general computer skills, then we can train you for the role.

Literature packers

Literature packers keep a stock of OA literature in their homes, and when they receive details of orders, they pack and send the literature out to customers

Print Liaison

The Print Liaison helps to decide which OA literature should be printed in the UK, and then liaises with the World Service Office, the Literature Administrator and the printing company throughout the production process. The role may also involve working with volunteer translators where necessary.