Service Opportunities

The National Service Board are supported by a great team of volunteers – maybe you’d like to get involved?

Click the headings below to see descriptions of the various roles, and if you would like to help, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! The availability of particular service roles changes frequently, so please do contact us even if the area(s) you would like to help out with are not currently showing any vacant roles.

Download this flyer about service to take to your meeting and let everyone know how they can get involved.

There are some qualifications for taking on these roles, please click here to find out more.

Minute-Taker - Vacant 

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To take minutes during OAGB Board meetings (held virtually whilst in lockdown).

Board meetings are held 5 times a year (in January, March/April, June, August and at National Assembly in October) and last a maximum of 7 hours. A minute taker may offer service for one or more meetings.

General Email responders - 4 x positions currently filled 

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Email responders answer the emails sent to and the messages sent through the Contact Form on our website. Typical enquiries include how to find a meeting, more information about OA or help with doing service at group or Intergroup level. They have a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions which have been developed by previous volunteers, and someone to contact when unsure how to handle a query. Email responders work on a rota basis usually giving service for 1 week every 4-6 weeks.

Events Email responder - Vacant

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The Events Email responder receives the emails sent to and forwards flyers and information about upcoming events to the Website and Email List volunteers. The role also involves answering enquiries about OA events from groups and individual members.

Audio Shares Email responder - Currently filled 

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The Audio Shares email responder looks after the email inbox where groups send the shares that they record at their meetings. They maintain a spreadsheet of shares received and send them on to the Audio Shares Page Updater for adding to the OAGB website

Mailer/Email Newsletter volunteer - Vacant

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Mailer/email newsletter volunteer use a website called MailChimp to create and send out regular updates to OA members.

The text and attachments are provided to volunteers, which they then enter into the email templates and add the images and links. Previous experience of MailChimp is not necessary for this role, but it does require general competence with using computers.

Facebook Co-ordinator - Currently filled 

The Facebook Co-ordinator works with the Communications Officer to schedule social media posts including meeting and event info, PDF links to OA approved documents, PI information and excerpts from OA approved literature. Posts are scheduled in advance which means this service role can be done at any time.

Instagram Co-ordinator - Currnetly filled 

The Instagram Co-ordinator is a new role. the aim would be to work with the Communications Officer to schedule social media posts including meeting and event info, PDF links to OA approved documents, PI information and excerpts from OA approved literature. Posts are scheduled in advance which means this service role can be done at any time.

Telephone helpline volunteers - Vacant

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The helpline number on the OAGB website comes through to a dedicated mobile phone. Volunteers answer the calls where possible, or call people back if they leave a message. They have the answers to a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and someone to contact if they aren’t sure how to handle a query.

This service is done on a rota basis for three months at a time. It can be done by individual volunteers, or by groups/Intergroups who share the service among their members.

Telephone Helpline Co-ordinator - Vacant

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You would organise the rota of telephone volunteers, which would include arranging for the phone to be sent to a new volunteer or group of volunteers every 3 months, keeping a list of contact details for volunteers and being the first port of call for their questions and enquiries.

Our website runs on WordPress, so experience of using this would be very useful for any of the roles below. However, if you don't have experience but have good general computer skills, then we can offer you training.

Events Page Updater - Vacant

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This role is about keeping the Events page on our website up to date. You will receive flyers, add them to the page and remove flyers once the event has happened

Audio Shares Page Updater - Vacant

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You will be uploading new shares to our web page which have been recorded at OA meetings and workshops

Service Positions Page Updater - Vacant

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You will be looking after the Service Positions page by updating the information about roles which are vacant or filled, and uploading new versions of the Role Descriptions when any changes are made.

Literature Storage Unit Volunteer - Vacant

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The volunteer would ideally be based in Stoke-on-Trent or South Cheshire, and would help with receiving literature deliveries to our storage unit and preparing stock to be sent out to our literature packers by email or courier. Approximate time commitment is one or two hours every week or so.

Literature packers - 1 position vacant

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Literature packers keep a stock of OA literature in their homes, and when they receive details of orders, they pack and send the literature out to customers.

Print Liaison Officer - Currently filled

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The Print Liaison helps to decide which OA literature should be printed in the UK, and then liaises with the World Service Office, the Literature Administrator and the printing company throughout the production process. The role may also involve working with volunteer translators where necessary.

Proof Reader - Currently filled

Supporting the Print Liaison Officer with proof reading when required on new and combined literature.

Treasurer Support - Not currently required

Role Description

Assist the Board Treasurer by sending out receipts for contributions made by groups and Intergroups to OAGB