Sharing the OA message

You can publicise your meetings in lots of ways. The Public Information Service Manual is available to purchase from the OAGB Literature Service and contains lots of useful information and ideas about this. Below are a few suggestions. If you have any questions about doing PI in your area, please contact your local Intergroup or email

For some further ideas on how to do PI for your group, please click here.

For some example posters that your group or Intergroup can use, please see our PI posters page.

Professional Outreach

Please see these examples of professional outreach documents.

Telegraph magazine 27th November 2021 – available here 

OA Infographic – available here

Resources for staff / practitioners – available here

OA Membership Survey 2017 – available here

OA R9 Leaflet, do you eat compulsively? – available here

15 Questions – available here

Is your eating overwhelming you? – available here

Addicted to eating : BMJ article – available here

Bulletin Boards

Post notices of OA meetings and special events on community notice boards in shopping centres, supermarkets, local corner shops, libraries, schools, waiting rooms, GP surgeries, health clinics, church halls, your meeting venue, hospitals and other public places where permitted.

Be prepared for newcomers coming to your meetings by ensuring you have a stock of OA literature. They can also read and listen to members’ shares on this website. It’s also important to attend to the general health of your meeting. You can do this by having a regular group conscience, focusing on abstinence and working the Twelve Steps within each meeting, and encouraging sponsorship.

Professional Exhibitor Fund

OAGB has a fund to help support Intergroups who wish to facilitate a stall about OA at future health care and/or other relevant professional events.  Last year, OAGB supported Heart of England IG to have a stall at a widely attended large primary care healthcare worker event in the Birmingham area, and South and East England IG to have a stall at conference in London about eating disorders.

If a similar event is being planned in your area and your IG is interested please contact the OAGB Chair on

To download the form click here.  This form contains useful details about the process of preparing for this sort of event as well as applying for funding.

In addition, a Professional Trade Shows Manual for Service Bodies is available for download. It provides over 40 pages of valuable information for service bodies participating in professional trade shows. Topics include criteria for selecting appropriate trade shows, budgeting for a tradeshow, organising volunteers, and closing the tradeshow.

Guidelines for Groups: Involvement of Journalists at OA Meetings

If you or your group has been approached by a journalist wishing to attend a meeting, then here are some points you may want to consider. We encourage you to ensure that the principles of the traditions are maintained as we carry the Overeaters Anonymous message.