About the NSB

The National Service Board of Great Britain is made up of OA members with at least two years service beyond group level and at least one year’s current abstinence from compulsive eating. Legally we are a registered charity and a limited company, as well as being part of the worldwide OA service structure, and are known as OAGB NSB.

Go to our Downloads page to read our Bylaws, meeting minutes and other useful information.

There is provision for up to 14 members on the Board; we meet together 5 times a year, and communicate frequently between these meetings. Board members serve for a maximum of 4 years, having been elected onto the Board (once proposed by Intergroup), at our National Assembly in October each year.
This Assembly is the national group conscience of OA as a whole and each group and Intergroup can send a delegate to debate and vote on British OA issues.

NSB Members

Current Board members are as follows:

Chair: Chic (Caledonian Intergroup). Email chair@oagb.org.uk

Treasurer: Janet (South and East England Intergroup). Email treasurer@oagb.org.uk

Literature Liaison: Sam (North West England Intergroup). Email literature@oagb.org.uk

Communications: Charlotte (South and East England Intergroup). Email communications@oagb.org.uk

Secretary: Juliet (South and East England Intergroup). Email secretary@oagb.org.uk

NSB Meetings 2020

Board meetings will be held at the following dates and locations:-

  • Saturday 25th January, London – Marylebone, London
  • Saturday 28th March, virtual
  • Saturday 6th June (with Intergroup Chairs), virtual
  • Saturday 12th Sept, virtual
  • Sunday 18th October (AGM), virtual – at the National Assembly weekend

Meetings run virtually from 10.30am till 4.00pm and all OA members are welcome to visit and observe.  Please email secretary@oagb.org.uk if you would like to attend so we can ensure we have facilities for everyone.

Applying to join the NSB

If you are thinking about applying to be on the Board, you will need to submit an application – please download this form for full details of the qualifications for the role and how to apply. All applicants for the Board must be nominated by an Intergroup, and their application approved at an Intergroup meeting.

NSB Mission Statement

As well as hosting this website to enable potential new members to find out about OA, OAGB NSB seeks to provide a service in Britain to individual OA members, groups and Intergroups by:-

  • Acting as a channel of communication for OA in Great Britain so that no individual, group or Intergroup need feel isolated.
  • Providing a means by which individual members, groups and Intergroups can contribute to the policy and activity of OA in Great Britain. Acting as liaison between OA in Great Britain, Region 9 and World Service, and sending delegates to Business Conferences at each level.
  • Keeping members in Great Britain informed of current developments at all levels.
  • Providing a literature service to facilitate the purchase of OA approved books and leaflets.
  • Offering the hand of OA to individual sufferers by means of public information to media, health care professionals and to other related professional bodies.
  • Responding to enquiries from members of the public and those suffering from compulsive eating, and, where appropriate, forwarding these on for local support.
  • Arranging finance for board members and other delegates where necessary/appropriate. For example, we provide partial funding for group and Intergroup delegates to attend our annual National Assembly.