Frequently Asked Questions

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Did you know you can make suggested changes to OAGB bylaws and policies or submit resolutions?

Resolutions begin as ideas. If you've an idea of something you think OAGB should be doing, then as an individual, group or intergroup you can propose your idea in the form of a resolution - a clear instruction to the National Service Board of OAGB. Resolutions are then heard and decided on at National Assembly.

Individuals, groups and intergroups must submit suggested resolutions, bylaw and/or policy amendments in writing to the Secretary of the OAGB Board at least 10 weeks prior to National Assembly.

Read our Bylaws here

Suggested resolutions, bylaw and/or policy amendments will be first considered by a committee of the Board and the proposer, and redrafted if necessary in order to ensure that their wording is in keeping with the intentions of the individual, group or intergroup submitting them. Other members of your group or intergroup may be able to help you with writing one, please click here for the template and an example of a motion previously brought to Assembly.

Any change to the bylaws needs two-thirds of the votes at National Assembly to be passed. For a resolution, a simple majority vote will be accepted as a recommendation to the National Service Board (NSB) and a two-thirds majority vote will be a binding instruction to the NSB.

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