Email Responders

Status: Not currently recruiting. If interested, please express an interest for when a vacancy arises


  • At least 3 months current abstinence
  • To be working the OA steps with a sponsor
  • To have been in OA for a year or more

Role description: 

Email responders answer the emails sent to and the messages sent through the Contact Form on our website. Typical enquiries include how to find a meeting, more information about OA or help with doing service at group or Intergroup level. They have a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions which have been developed by previous volunteers, and someone to contact when unsure how to handle a query.

Email responders are part of a rota, and usually cover one in every six weeks. You may be asked to provide extra cover if other volunteers are unavailable, but we also have back up responders who are not on the rota but are able to offer cover if needed.

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