New group support

New Group Support

Congratulations on having the courage to start a new OA meeting.

In order to be recognised as an OA Group you must adhere to the following four criteria:-

  1. As a Group, they meet to practice the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA.
  2. All who have a desire to stop eating compulsively are welcomed in the group.
  3. No member is required to practice any actions in order to remain a member of the
    group or to have a voice (share at a meeting).
  4. As a group they have no affiliation other than OA

From OA Inc Bylaws Subpart B Article V Section 1 © OA Inc

We recommend the following steps to ensure you receive the help you need and your meeting can be found by the still suffering compulsive eater.

  1. Register your Group with WSO.This ensures that the group is recognised as an OA group. It also means that you will receive information about OA world-wide. As a registered group you can take part in forming OA policies. You can register your group online using this link
  2. Register your meeting on the OAGB National Meeting List.
    Do this once your group is registered with WSO to ensure that people in this country know your group exists and know how to find you and so you receive information about OA events in this country. You can download OAGB’s current meeting list from the meetings page.  There is a page at the back of the meeting list telling you how to put your group on the National Meeting list.
  3. Download a copy of the Suggested Meeting Format by clicking here.
  4. Buy a copy of OAGB’s New Group Starter Pack from OAGB Literature.The pack includes useful  information for new groups in this country as well as some basic literature. (There is also a copy of the current National Meeting List, The Suggested Meeting Format and a group registration form).  You can download an OAGB Literature order form from the literature page

If you need help the National Service Board of OAGB is here to assist you.

Email us at