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National Assembly

The National Service Assembly is the group conscience of Overeaters Anonymous Great Britain.  Every group and Intergroup is entitled and encouraged to send a representative.

National Assembly  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Useful information about National Assembly and OA service more widely. Very useful for National Assembly delegates, group reps, and us all!

Future National Assemblies

National Assembly takes place on the second complete weekend in October.
The dates for future National Assemblies are as follows:

20-22 October 2017, hosted by North West Intergroup in Cheshire
19-21 October 2018, venue to be confirmed
18-20 October 2019
16-18 October 2020

National Assembly 2016

The National Assembly 2016 was held in Glasgow 14-16 October 2016, hosted by Caledonian Intergroup.

National Assembly 2016 Minutes

Click here to download Pack One of documents for the 2016 National Assembly.  This pack includes the agenda for the National Assembly business meeting, essential information for people representing their groups, questions to discuss with your group or Intergroup before the Assembly and a collection of documents required at the Assembly itself.

Click here to download Pack Two for the 2016 National Assembly. This pack includes essential documents for the National Assembly in Glasgow on 14th/15th October 2016. Please bring a readable copy to the Assembly with you.

OAGB have some money available to support groups and Intergroups who are unable to meet the cost of sending a representative.  (This is called the Delegate Assistance Fund.)

Click here to download the Delegate Assistance Fund form for National Assembly 2016.

OAGB also have a Delegate Assistance Fund to support Intergroups in sending representatives to the Region 9 Assembly, which this year is being held in Iceland. For more information about the Region 9 Assembly, see the OA Region 9 website.  Click here to download the OAGB Delegate Assistance Form for the Region 9 Assembly.  Region 9 also have some funding available to support Intergroups in sending representatives to this assembly.

Minutes from previous National Assemblies

National Assembly 2015
“The OA Service Structure in Great Britain: have we got it right?” discussion notes.

National Assembly 2014.

National Assembly 2013

OAGB Representative’s report from the Region 9 Assembly 2013 held in Israel in November 2013.